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Gianmaria Bissacco, professional dance instructor

Originally from Venice, Italy, Gianmaria is a professional ballet, contemporary dancer, and professional actor with more than 20 years of experience. Gianmaria used to work as a professional dancer at Roma Opera House and La Fenice Opera House of Venice. Gianmaria has deep feeling for music, a creative ability to express himself through movement, and has remarkable flexibility, agility, coordination, grace, and sense of rhythm.

Gianmaria is dedicated to teaching and coaching dancers of all ages and experience levels.

We are excited to have him as a part of our dance studio!

Instagram: @giammabis


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Fedor Artemev, professional dance instructor

Fedor has 27 years of dancing experience and has been a finalist of International ballroom competitions.

Fedor also is an expert in physical training and sports!

He constantly seeks for methods and ways to achieve high results.

Fedor helps his students to develop their dancing skills and abilities and really enjoys to share his passion for dancing with all the students!

Instagram: @fedor__artemev



Ekaterina Artemeva, professional dancer and a coach

Ekaterina is a professional dancer and a coach. She graduated from the National State University of Physical Education. She has been representing the country at the World and European Championships.

Ekaterina is a bronze medalist at the U.S. National in Professional Latin Show dance Championships (USA 2021) and a winner at Grand National in Professional Latin show dance championship (USA 2020)

Ekaterina’s motto: "Dance through life! Dance is the only form of art where you are creation and the creator. I sincerely believe that we develop spiritually and physically through dancing.”

Instagram: @katyusha__art



Olga Iefimova, professional dance instructor

Olga started dancing at the age of 5 in Cherkassy, Ukraine. She decided at 13 to try other styles like Ukrainian folk dance, ballet and modern. She was the lead female dancer at Cherkasv State Academic Honored Ukrainian Folk Choir. Olga has two bachelor degrees: Ecology-Environment Protection and Choreography Teacher.

With her professional dance partner Artur Klimov, they worked on Cruise Ships for the companies Color Line, Silja Line and Star Light Express as well as many other prestigious productions as the lead ballroom couple in Turkey, Finland, Norway, Russia and Ukraine. In the United States, they became finalists of the many Dance Championships. Olga really enjoys to share her passion for dancing with all the students.

Instagram: @olyaredhead



Artur Klimov. professional dance instructor

Artur started dancing at the age of 13 in Cherkassy, Ukraine. After trying different styles, Ballroom Dancing was something very attractive to him and he hasn't stopped since then. Artur danced professionally International Ballroom and International Latin in Cherkassy, Kiev and Kharkov.

With his professional dance partner Olga, they worked on Cruise Ships for the companies Color Line, Silja Line and Star Light Express as well as many other prestigious productions as the lead ballroom couple in Turkey, Finland, Norway, Russia and Ukraine. Artur loves American Smooth and American Rhythm as well as the passionate Argentine Tango.

Instagram: @art.ur.klimov



Jennifer Zumoff, front desk manager/dance instructor

Born and raised in Peru, Jennifer’s dancing background comes from the South American music styles, latin and hip hop.

From the ages 13 to 17 Jennifer belonged to a professional dance crew that would tour around the West Coast of Peru performing at national tv shows, commercials and international concerts.

When she was 22 years old, Jennifer moved to the United States where she initiated her career as a dance instructor.

Jennifer has a Bachelor of Arts in Music and an Associate’s Degree in Translation.

“My MO in life is to stay healthy so that I can be genuinely happy and spread my joy to everyone that surrounds me”.

Instagram: @jennzumoff




We believe dance is for everyone, and everyone is welcome in our group dance lessons — including you. Whether you’re an experienced dancer or just testing the water, you’ll have a great time dusting off your skills or trying new steps. From the Hustle to the Argentine tango, we teach it all while helping you find your flow. When you’re flowing, anxiety disappears and you enjoy being immersed in new challenges. Basically, you experience the true joy of dancing.

Bring yourself, bring your loved ones, bring your friends — there’s a place for everyone in our group classes!


Our upcoming events are a way to expand on the skills you’ve developed in your dance classes or other dancing experiences. Whether you’ve taken private lessons or are learning how to Cha-Cha for the first time through private dance lessons, attend our dance studio events and build your confidence through dance! Some of our dance studio events are open to non-members as well.

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SUMMER PARTY JUNE 23rd 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

We can’t wait to see everyone for our SUMMER PARTY 🍉🕶⛱ to celebrate 3 YEAR anniversary of the studio!

📍Dance Flow Boca Raton

Pre sale $25; at the door $30

Snacks, drinks, cocktails, ruffle, show, prizes, dancing with our professional instructors!

Dress code:


tropics 🦜