How do I dance as a beginner?

For beginner dancers we start by introducing the foundation dances gradually until the student gets familiar with them and once comfortable, we move forward with the specialty dances.

How expensive is it to learn how to dance?

The frequency at which you take your dance lessons will determine what your budget should be to cover you for the sessions as you go. Dance lessons like any other activity will require you to spend money, but it is known to be more affordable than other hobbies nowadays.

What are differences between group classes/private lessons?

Group classes are general lessons taught by an instructor that you will be taking in a group with other fellow students. Private lessons are one-on-one sessions with your instructor, where you will be able to learn in an individual and exclusive way.

What should I wear for a dance class?

Whatever makes you feel comfortable and able to move around the dance floor works for us! Ideally dance shoes are a great choice to wear even at very beginning of your lessons to ease with the proper footwork and technique from the get-go.

Is there an age limit or range?

We currently have students at Dance Flow Studios starting from ages 5 all the way to 97 years old, so the limits to join us depend entirely on the student’s decision.

What is the fastest way to become a better dancer?

Practice, practice, practice. Dancing regularly, aiming for at least twice a week to everyday, ideally! Dancing constantly is the fastest way for your body to get used to dancing and to become a great one!

Why should I learn to dance?

Dancing can open doors for you on so many levels: socially, emotionally, professionally and physically. It can truly be a life changing experience if you commit to it and are in for the long run!

How do I get started?

The best way to start your dancing path at Dance Flow Studios is by taking an introductory lesson where you and your instructor will get to see where you are standing at and what you can work with in your future sessions.

Can dancing fix relationships?

Dancing is a great hobby to develop with your loved one! You will be learning something new together, sharing more time with one another and getting to know each other physically on a whole new level. So yes, dancing can help you reconnect with your partner and ease communication with one another.

Does dancing make me feel happier?

Dancing is an activity that promotes physical and intellectual performance. By making your memory engage with your body, you are also stimulating the endorphins in your brain and these are the hormones responsible for making you feel happy, so dancing does make you happier!

Are dancers born or made?

As with everything in life, practice makes the master! At Dance Flow Studios we have witnessed throughout the years so many students who started from zero in their dancing paths and ended up winning dancing competitions across the country. So yes, a dancer can certainly be made!

Can I dance after hip replacement?

Yes you can, at Dance Flow Studios we also teach very smooth dances and the intensity of how to perform them depends entirely on each individual student's capabilities.

How do I become confident on the dance floor?

Acquiring dance knowledge constantly will build up your confidence on the dance floor over time. Since you will start getting familiar with your part as a leader or follower, you won’t question yourself anymore or hesitate on what to do and consequently you will feel secure and enjoy your performance!

Do I need a partner to learn how to dance?

You do not need a partner in order to take our classes or to learn how to dance in general! Private lessons at Dance Flow Studios are taught by professional instructors. Your instructor will play the part of a leader or a follower during private lessons while explaining thoroughly the accurate footwork, pattern, technique and style for each specific dance. In regards to group classes, our students work in partnership with other fellow students as well as individually following an instructor’s directions.

Can I lose weight by dancing?

It is possible to be able to lose weight while dancing! Given the fact that you are going to be in constant movement and your cardio is going to be boosted regularly, the blood flow throughout your body is going to be increased, therefore your metabolism will accelerate as opposed to when your body is not moving. Ultimately you will start to shed pounds as you continue to dance gradually!